Costa Rica is the best nearshore country in Latam for high-tech development and we uncover these 4 unattainable reasons.

You heard about Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay, and Chile as nearshore countries for software development but there are many good reasons for Costa Rica as a nearshore country like our time zone, our lovely English accent and the geographical advantage as a very near country.

But many of these advantages are similar to other places so Why is Costa Rica a Nearshore paradise?

We discovered these 4 unique reasons.

1. Political Stability

Yes, this is a big asset as a country, society has made some good decisions in the past and fights never meet constantly blood or civil disorders like other Latam countries. Costa Rica is not placed for dictatorships or criminal networks.

Costa Rica in 1948 abolished the army since then Costa Rica has made itself a center for the study of conflict resolution and prevention, hosting the United Nations-mandated University for Peace.

In other aspects, this Central American country is a real multi-party political place where alternative forces can raise new ideas and arguments.

This encourages modern laws like the ecological legislation, tax incentives, inclusivity or the new law against abusive syndicate strikes (LAW TO PROVIDE LEGAL SECURITY ON THE STRIKE AND ITS PROCEDURES).

How has a country of under five million people become a world leader in developing holistic policies that promote democratic, sustainable, and inclusive economic growth? The answer lies in its people’s belief that focusing on the welfare of all citizens not only enhances wellbeing but also increases productivity. Did you know Costa Rica has won the happy index as the happiest country on the planet?

Costa Rica has the title of the longest standing democracy in Latin American democracy. Life expectancy is now higher than in the United States.

2. Culture Affinity

Culture is a mix of different ingredients like beliefs, rituals, arts, education, customs, etc.

When business people said Costa Rica has a strong American culture affinity is because the consumption and creation of new cultural ingredients are almost the same. The American tourist influx into Costa Rica has created a cultural melting pot. This melting pot impacts behaviors, product adoption, social communication and of course the food scene.

Costa Rica’s culture is at the same level as Americanized countries like Puerto Rico or Panamá but more in the “Hawaii style”. When a tourist visit Hawaii the Aloha culture enchant his visitors soaking a little bit of their culture.

Los Simpsons: Living the Pura Vida

This is similar to Costa Rica culture, the Pura Vida living impacts every American a new way to feel nature, work, and social relationships. If you have doubts ask Marge!

Spanish is the official language, but on the Atlantic coast, however, descendants of Caribbean immigrants speak English, as do many others throughout the country who learned it to better their employment prospects.

As much as 95 percent of Costa Ricans consider themselves “white.” “Whiteness” figures importantly in national identity, — you know what this means in cultural affinity.

Costa Rica has been recognized as the happiest country in the world for several years. This means “Ticos” enjoy their life.

3. 40 years of Nearshoring

Since the mid-1980s, Costa Rica has become a center for factories that assemble garments, electronic components, software development and other goods for export. Other key manufacturers include baseballs, agricultural chemicals, and processed foods. The economy is increasingly integrated into global circuits of trade, production, and finance.

When Amazon, Intel, PG, VMWARE, Baxter, and other big technology companies arrived here during the last years, they brought outstanding developers from the United States making an amazing school of competitiveness and hard work.

4. Mature Cluster

Costa Rica is a “tiny” country with 19,714 square miles and 95% of the cluster is located within a radius of 25 miles.

Currently, almost 300 high-tech multinational companies are operating in Costa Rica with almost 100% of the energy is renewable and redundant telecommunications access.

One advantage we have is the most competitive incentives to invest in the region: Costa Rica’s Free Trade Zone Regime (FTZ) offers a competitive set of benefits and tax incentives that meet World Trade Organization regulations.

What’s next?

Not everything is great in Costa Rica, the big challenge is transportation infrastructure and increased the startup ecosystem with the idea of build new unicorns in the tech field.

N’yuti bus project from Ad Astra Rockets

Our stability as a nation has proven, along the years, that we are a top choice for providing reliable and responsible high-quality services for diverse industries and prestige logos around the globe.

Are you interested in meet a high-class service provider?